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  • Our First Primary School Leaving Exam Results

    Our First Primary School Leaving Exam Results

    What was only a dream in 2008, came to fruition this month when we received the first primary school leaving (standard 8) exam results for our learners at Chankhasi School. Out of 25 candidates who sat the exams earlier this year, 18 passed and have secured places at secondary schools. Of these 18 candidates, 11 are girls which is ever so encouraging in our community where a significant number of our girls face many challenges. The exam results have put Chankhasi School on a ranking of 5 out of the 11 primary schools in the 'Chididi Education Zone' of Nkhotakota District; an achievement which has inspired us.

    Getting our learners to sit these exams has been the result of a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment from all. At the start of the 2016-2017 academic year, we introduced a standard 8 class at Chankhasi School. This is the final class in primary school here in Malawi. Learners in this class write national examinations and those who pass get selected to go to secondary school. Becoming a full primary school was a tremendous accomplishment for Chankhasi School. Our school director, Andrew completed vast amounts of paper work and travelled to many offices on numerous occasions to fulfil the requirements of the Ministry of Education. With good fortune on our side, we were also joined by Felix, a very experienced standard 8 teacher, who has made it possible to give our learners the skills and tools to sit the primary school leaving exams. Felix's arrival boosted the morale at Chankhasi School because he has a great relationship with our learners. Even before receiving the excellent exam results, the Chankhasi School committee are highly appreciative of his performance and services to the school.

    We have made remarkable progress over the last academic year. As we celebrate our exam result success at Chankhasi School we invite you, our supporters and well-wishers, to join us. We are grateful to our friends, some of whom have been with us since 2008 through the good and the bad times, for their continued funding and support. We wish to thank our extraordinary sponsors for their generous offer to support the salary of a qualified standard 8 teacher; a momentous gesture which enabled Chankhasi to become a full primary school.

    We are looking forward to an exciting future at Chankhasi School!

  • Bishop Mackenzie International School (Lilongwe, Malawi) 2016 Visit

    Bishop Mackenzie International School (Lilongwe, Malawi) 2016 Visit

    September 2016 was a memorable time at Chankhasi School and a great start to the academic year as we were visited by Bishop Mackenzie International School (BMIS) who are based in Lilongwe (Malawi). Their students taught our learners  a lot of interesting things. At the same time the BMIS students gained many insights into what it is like to be a Chankhasi learner. It was a great time for all and we hope that it will be repeated again soon.

  • Kingswood School (Bath, UK) 2016 Visit

    Kingswood School (Bath, UK) 2016 Visit

    In July 2016, 22 students and four teachers from Kingswood School (Bath, UK) came to Chankhasi School during their summer school holidays. Some volunteers worked with the older Chankhasi School learners collecting beach sand, mixing mortar, painting two classrooms and being taught by the builders how to plaster the classroom walls. Other students organised games, football and netballs matches for the younger learners. It was a hard three days of work, but everyone had a good time!

    In collaboration with one of our supporters, Kingswood College also offered their generous offer to support the salary of a qualified standard 8 teacher. This means that Chankhasi School can now become a full primary school in the academic year 2016 - 2017.